Sunny with a chance of morning mist (Eng) - Alexis Rastel

To get a glimpse without being able to see would be to sense. Somewhat like vanishing appearances, it should merely be said of the Sunny with a chance of morning mist exhibition that an almost nothing is born out of it. The reversibility of Emmanuelle Leblanc’s paintings brings the viewer’s eyes to a state of diplopia and the ability to physically experiment through this phenomenological approach the link between art and light.
Every dawn and every dusk of Sunny with a chance of morning mist implies that we are not in the presence of a sudden and final revelation but rather of a progressive process leading to an initially unconscious perception. Such an operation of acknowledgement would not carry with it an indisputable and transcending truth, but a progressive movement from which a new interpretive potential would become not only highly feasible but also and very simply, productive. By playing with our senses, Emmanuelle Leblanc brings new possibilities to interpreting our reality. The memory of her paintings is a moving and dying image, witness of an ephemeral presence instantly gone and passed away, accepting illusion and hallucination, emergence and disappearance. Colors are brought to a halt then escape, give themselves whole and generous then evaporate. They go past life and reach death.

What we see more then we feel is the presence of the absence where the works of Emmanuelle Leblanc literally appear. They appear from spaces as in the element of radiance. However, their glimmer is not stable : they depend on the path taken by the viewer and of his encounter with a source of light, always unexpected, always uniquely directed. Remote places getting nearer as we walk, without us ever being able to predict their tactile contact. Something like a whisper, with an aura’s quality. These phenomena cannot be represented, but they present themselves with the same overwhelming force as one of an event or of an appearance. Emmanuelle Leblanc is wondering how to create something to be visualized not for the sake of curiosity and the pleasure of the apparent but for the passion of its immediacy. How to give one the visual medium satisfying a desire to see what is not there ?
The Sunny with a chance of morning mist exhibition enables us to access a waking dream.
Emmanuelle Leblanc’s works allow for a visual and sensorial process that works as the detachment of the retina creating a reflexive state that lingers long after its grounds have